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Due to the success of Eden SafeBase, in addition to English, we launched our systems in Spanish ,French and Arabic.

We are soon to release SafeBase in Russian and Polish.


The Total Staff Management, Risk Mitigation and Crisis Reaction System.

Help requests system

Feel Unwell Reporting

WET icon 1

Live GPS – AGPS Tracking 

Clock In – Out of Work Time

Private Internal Encrypted Messaging

Geo Fence Mass Messaging

GPS – AGPS User Check In

Internal Private Moderation  

Eden SafeBase & SafeBase Connect applications
What if a total solution for remote staff management, crisis and risk mitigation, existed in a single platform and phone application?
If you require a live platform and associated applications for a safety and security solution that you control for maximum privacy and autonomy, we are proud to present Eden SafeBase.

How Does Eden SafeBase Work?

Eden SafeBase is a closed ecosystem for your organizational security, staff management and crisis reaction.

A closed ecosystem means that a SafeBase live platform and app are both private and dedicated to your organization.

With full autonomy available, Eden SafeBase can be moderated by your organization’s department heads, security team or appointed persons, who will have tools available to react to most, if not all, security and crisis scenarios.

SafeBase App
What Can Eden SafeBase Do?

  • Incremental and non-intrusive staff management & security oversight tools to utilize in accordance with your policies
  • Interactive User platform and app
  • Interactive Moderator platform and app
  • On or off site status
  • 2-way geo fence messaging (with internal crisis staff accountability tool)
  • Help requests system (with internal coordinate relay system)
  • Check in system (with internal coordinate relay system)
  • Live travel or proximity tracking (User enabled)
  • On or off work premises status
  • Daily security status banner update
  • Internal platform and app messaging system.